Simon Jeffery

Professor Simon Jeffery

Senior Research Astronomer
Armagh Observatory and Planetarium, College Hill, ARMAGH BT61 9DG, Northern Ireland
Adjunct Professor
School of Physics, Trinity College Dublin, College Green, DUBLIN 1, Ireland
Tel:+44 28 3751 2958

Born in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, I was educated at Ravenswood Primary School, The Edinburgh Academy, Imperial College, University of London (BSc Physics), and St Andrews University (PhD -- Studies in Stellar Evolution). Before moving to Armagh, I worked at the Royal Observatory Edinburgh on ultraviolet astronomy and planetary atmospheres, at the University of St Andrews as an SERC-funded research assistant on helium stars, the Christian-Albrechts University at Kiel as a Royal Society European Research Fellow on pulsating helium stars, and again at the University of St Andrews as a senior research assistant (CCP7) on the analysis of astronomical spectra.

In 1996 I took up a position as senior research astronomer at the Armagh Observatory, since when I have supervised over 15 PhD students, and taught Stellar Structure and Evolution to at least 12 cohorts of Trinity College Dublin physics and astronomy students. From 2007 to 2012 I led the construction of the Polar Bear Survey Telescope and the Armagh Robotic Telescope. I have served as secretary and chairman of the Astronomical Science Group of Ireland, and as President of Commission G4 (Pulsating Stars) of the International Astronomical Union. In 2019 I took up a visiting by-fellowship at Churchill College, Cambridge. I can frequently be found on a sailing boat.

Sailing Quantum Shadow



  • Stellar Atmospheres
    A short practical course on the Analysis of Stellar Spectra given to graduate students in Kunming and Beijing
  • Stellar Structure
    A lecture course on Stellar Structure given 1984 -- 1996 at the University of St Andrews, and 2006 -- 2017 at Trinity College Dublin.
  • Programming in Fortran 95
    A course in F95 given at the Armagh Observatory
  • Stellar Spectroscopy
    an introduction by Micheal Lemke, Bamberg, translated by csj



    Top-level package description
    Stellar atmospheres in LTE
    Synthetic spectra in LTE
  • SFIT
    Multi-parameter optimisation for stellar spectra
  • SMK (1986: CCP7 Newsletter 10, 8)
    Stellar structure and evolution package
  • IDL programs including
    FAST: Fourier analysis of spectroscopic time series
  • CCP7
    software from CCP7

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